CisLunar 2017: A Vision for a sustainable space-economy

CisLunar 2017: A Vision for a sustainable space-economy

CisLunar – the space between the earth and the moon holds great opportunities for the people. Reliable, accessible, affordable access to space opens up economic opportunities. ULA the ability to reliable, affordable access to space, critical national infrastructure, to support a space-economy.
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Human society vs Digital Slavery & TRANS-humanism
In this fascinating episode, Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt and the Former assistant housing Secretary and the Solari Report Publisher Catherine Austin Fitts for a deep and insightful welcomes back rich look into the dangers and opportunities of the digital age and what lies ahead of us.

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Catherine points out that the leadership in Global affairs”, believe in slavery, and that their policies to control economic growth, the harvest of the citizens of the wealth. the development of driving technology and the building of a massive surveillance grid of humanity represent a dangerous threat to the whole world.

The Bitcoin Op
Catherine sees most of the upper-level financial elites of the move in the purchase of Gold and Land, while the General population to lure in an unstable crypto-money that, although it can hold gains in the short term, of course, will be, ultimately, a made-up pump and dump historic levels.

It does not indicate that Bitcoin is the currency for the people it purports to be, and that much of the hype around you is planned, to help the Central banks forces consolidate their gains and luring to use the population, a digital currency. It describes the danger of the use of digital money, when the current system of funding has no integrity, and that the people using Bitcoin, the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies know it is insecure and subject to hacking with FDIC insurance.

Shocking, informative, disturbing, and powerful! Do not miss this amazing Dark Journalist episode.

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  • T F

    Looks like a lot of meteorites, asteroids, and comets pounded the hell out of the moon, this is a protection of the earth from you. Different than the one that got away, meet on earth and the dinosaurs are wiped out. Hope NASA's redirect program works well! I say save the asteroid as a Kinetic energy weapon against our adversaries, such as Iran, Russia, China and North Korea! 🙂

  • Nolan Donohue

    I’ve been wanting to do this since I was 10 and now I’m 16, and I think Mars is stupid, and not 100% worth it, I can't wait to help you bring us back to the moon once, I’m in and out of the collage

  • Alex Glass

    Sweet video! Love the space station at the end.

  • WorldChampInfinity

    "CisLunar" Where only CisMales are welcome?

  • Michael Zand

    Awesome! Can now begin

  • matthewakian2

    A very beautiful vision.

  • Brian Habing

    "simple landing kit"? I think don't, all what rocket science is, by nature, easier.

  • Jamie Godman

    The final frontier!

  • Ciber AV


  • PaddyPatrone

    I don’t have the idea of refueling an upper stage. You have the introduction of a new rocket fuel. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • ImARealDude

    I hope you achieve this and more!

  • Matrix Adjustment

    Bam, straight out of the gate, you't waste any time. DJ your big. Thank you for this interview.

  • Burkhard PSS

    Very bad "Due Diligence" – in addition to Bitcoin, there are dozens of other newer improved Cryptos (Monero, etc.).
    "you can do due diligence? Because you't figure out if it's a back door or not?", because it is NOT Backdoor,
    open-source-for sure!

  • Jack Arguin

    Catherine, please joint The light of the Galactic Alliance. They need your help, that’s for sure. Thank You !

  • Tylette Crosby

    This is not a funny thing, we are dealing with nothing but criminals

  • Masfaith3

    God's Little Acre here, chickens, Kune, Kune, smaller pigs, growing food and fruit trees on 1.5 acres. Catherine is right. The people, the families, all they have in common! Agriculture, homemade healthiest life! Catherine is right!

  • Sum Bits

    She’s too old for this shit… she doesn’t know that what you describe is XRP? Or BCH, which is probably the only impostor coin on the markets. To even begin to show BTC will says to you just how naive the people are, the BTC is in this room… its just because the front of the whole danger of centralization is that it keeps increasing in value. Never mind attacks on the network. It’s light years ahead of the other. Just do your own research, people and only then can you really take a you trust

  • Truth Finder

    Another book that describes the neoliberal transformation of our structure of government is entitled by Rosa Brooks, As Everything Was, the war and the military Was Everything.

  • Truth Finder

    Neoliberal globalization is a digitized one-world-currency, like Bitcoin. This is the disastrous EU experiment would still continue, for always shutting down, to invest in sovereign Nations' authority to issue and control their own currencies, in the public purpose, the private banks have pretty much stopped much of these last 40 years by seizing control of the government.

    "The “nation-state" as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be, the main force: International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms of, far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state.”
    ~ Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages, 1970

    "The trilatera list Commission is international…(and)…is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States. The trilatera list Commission to take a skillful, coordinated effort to control the four centers of power – political, monetary, intellectual and ecclesiastical consolidation." ~ Barry Goldwater, with no apologies, 1979

  • Sheri Benjegerdes

    It won happen't until Jesus comes again

  • George Moody


  • James Dean

    good stuff – I must admit, I'm a techie software developer for a top-5-tech-companies, which shall remain nameless – but you's just say that they invented the tech behind the internet, and a believer in the blockchain. But there are 2 things that bring doubts – 1) how crypto can reach 'store of value' if there are dozens of competing 'coins' and new invented, dominate or be the top dogs and to keep the SOV? and 2) the centralization, which – combined with the fact that the USG can pretty much smash a lot, what do these whenever you want, so why't you? So, Yes.. I see both sides of this issue quite clear – and I know don't yet sure what the truth is – but the history is clear on the centralization thing – until the internet and the MP3's recording industry, and internet-and software, decentralized news and information about the broadcasting industry, etc , etc…. so IMHO, the jury is still out on whether BTC with LN can actually decentralize money.

  • Love & Division

    I don't trust Fitts, I think you's a globalist operative. Where the Federal government has it&#39 get;s money? It sounds like half of the population is working to support the half that doesn't.

  • Kerry F

    It seems to me that the digital coin is not a currency until it is in the common use of ordinary people …on the price of Bitcoin, that ain't ever gonna happen. So I agree that investment goods are not a currency, and its just the latest "buy silver " or "buy gold" investment offer only for those with enough money it. Only its more dangerous because no body knows that the origin of Bitcoin, or if it is manipulated.

  • Jimmy Parker

    The thing that me about this "killing of history" is the NS-history. You hate the NAZIs so much, but you won't kill it. You take the Confederate history, or tried to, but you continue with the NAZI past. Books, Documentaries, Movies. So, for these people to hate "hate" so much, you have millions of dollars from Mr. Hitler.

  • Jimmy Parker

    The thing that me about this "killing of history" is the NS-history. You hate the NAZIs so much, but you won't kill it. You take the Confederate history, or tried to, but you continue with the NAZI past. Books, Documentaries, Movies. So, for these people to hate "hate" so much, you have millions of dollars from Mr. Hitler.

  • Ja Ja

    You get away with this shit because most people are more concerned with sports and walmart sales than what happens to their children's future………very sad.

  • Naomi Jones

    Yes, like all companies with slave labor, with the detention. It’s a few cents on the dollar.

  • Naomi Jones

    The cashless society-no paper can exchange money or coins-we still, though

  • Ja Ja

    You want to know and see everything about us, but they really are the scum of the untrustowrthy.

  • Erik Bell

    BOTH Fed-Ex and UPS-intel-socket in…… Israel … everything you send with you the first info will be deleted by the info.

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